Blog-surfing Saturday

I’ve had a great day!

Sitting by the fire – warmed by coal (20kg of it) that I hauled earlier from the petrol station through snow and ice in my Habitat shopping trolley – and following a trail of stylish blog links. Here are just 4 highlights.

Starting at Bodie and Fou, I caught up with their lovely enthusiasms.

I like the look of their blog, and their easy conversational style. I see this blog often praised in the media, probably because it’s not just commercial. They talk about new products and sales, for sure, but there’s lots about designers and their girls. The photography is always good too.

I linked to Eco-stylista and browsed for a while. This is a gathering together of interesting green style photographs plus links. Many are sourced at Etsy and there’s a lot of interesting content. This recycled work by Chicago mixed media artist Dolan Geiman caught my eye. His collages are stunning.

It’s definitely been bookmarked.

Next! I dropped into Re-Nest. I’ve been here a few times before, it’s a magazine blog full of eco home features. I’m going to investigate the environmental toothbrush from Dr Nat! And I liked this sweet idea by Bright and Blithe for keeping ribbons neat and tidy.

You have to look at Papier Mache. Not a blog, but a very cute children’s magazine. I love, love, love it.

Designed in Australia by The Convenience Store, it has wonderful photographs and beautiful ideas for and about children.

I downloaded the Deco supplement (£1.70) featuring children’s rooms with a vintage twist.

I know a little girl – not far from me at the moment – who would love this room. The transformation begins tomorrow.

Happy browsing!


One comment

  1. Why not order your coal from the local coal merchant who will deliver … keeps a local business going and it’s much cheaper than the Shell garage and they’ll carry it through the house for you. Or more eco friendly still order a wood from Thomsons in the West Linton area – they’ll deliver too but dump it on the road.


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