Hotties forever!


BBC Homes and Antiques magazine (February 2010) says, Ditch the electric blanket! Invest in a hot water bottle.

Country Living – on the other hand – tells us that an electric blanket (albeit only switched on for 40 minutes) uses less energy than filling a hwb.

Why are green messages still so contrary? No wonder people are confused. Climate change should no longer be in the hands of scientists, their case is surely proven. It’s now up to marketing minds to sell the message, compelling us to change our behaviours in a new reality. The mass media is crucial.

Homes and Antiques have had a go at a meaningful eco feature, you’ll find 10 essential new year resolutions for “greening up your home”. Here’s their suggested checklist of commitments.

1. I will have a sort out and give unwanted items to charity

2. I will decorate with environmentally-friendly paints and paper

3. I will improve my home’s insulation

4. I will be a green (domestic) goddess

5. I will be more energy efficient around the home

6. I will get green in the garden

7. I will buy more antiques and pieces from the past rather than brand new items

8. I will recycle more

9. I will stop using unnecessary plastic carrier bags

10. I will give old pieces a modern makeover rather than discarding them

It sounds fine but haven’t we been here before? Recycle more. Say no to plastic carrier bags. De-clutter. Shouldn’t all this be second nature by now? These ideas have been around for years. It seems some of us just don’t want to listen.

In case you’re interested, my choice is a hwb every time. Hotties forever!

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