Five go off in a caravan

Welcome again to ReMade, our green Monday update, offering eco inspirations for a heavenly green summer.

It was my birthday this week and I spent a blissful day in North Berwick with las tres chicas. Thanks to the glorious sunshine and the fabulously browsable shops, we had the best of days. In the 1970s, my family spent every summer, and most long weekends, in a caravan park high above North Berwick (it’s still there). There was a long, steep stairway down to the East beach, and we’d spend days digging and building in the sand, collecting shells and crabs and avoiding the jellyfish. It was the era of the stripey windbreak, tartan travelling rug, tupperware and plastic name-badges. It was always glorious hot. Of course!

If you haven’t been to North Berwick lately, then hop on a train, they’re every hour from Edinburgh. My favourite local shops are vintage boutique Madame Butterfly, Time and Tide for the beach-look at home and ethical crafts in Flux (all High Street). At The Pennyfarthing antiquarian bookshop on Quality Street, you’ll find a nice selection of old postcards and children’s books. We are so lucky to have such a stunning seaside getaway on our doorstep!

Talking of caravans … we were supposed to be going on a caravan adventure next week. It fell through at the last moment, so I bought My Cool Caravan instead. If you fancy a boutique vintage caravan holiday, I love the look of Love Lane Caravans in Cornwall, which was featured recently in The Guardian.

My celebration isn’t over yet because I’d like to give someone else a lovely present. If you’d like to own a unique work of art by East Lothian textile artist Ann Dickson, then just be a bit creative yourself for your chance to win!

Thanks largely to my husband Tom and his war against toxic overload, we’ve eliminated a lot of unnecessary chemicals from our home. From pesticide residues in our foods to the chemicals in shampoo, deodorant and cleaning products, our health is at risk every day. Skin complaints, breathing difficulties, arthritis and maybe even breast cancer are linked to chemical pollutants. So what can we do? Eat less processed foods. Buy organic. Stop using fancy body potions. Forego the air freshener. Try Daisy Green Magazine for ideas about natural beauty products, and Napiers the Herbalist for alternative health information. I’ve also just heard that we will be having herbal face creams and ointments at the Frugal Cool’s Eco Market and Summer Fete, made by local Pilates teacher and herbalist, Brigid McCarthy.

Even more important than my em … 29th birthday, Julia Laing of Materialised confirmed that she would be exhibiting at the Eco Market on Saturday 14th. Julia uses mixed fabric offcuts to create wonderful textile art. Whether it’s little favourite dress brooches, adorable ornamental cats or her textile artworks, the detail of her stitching and her use of fabrics is exquisite. Julia loves animals, and each rabbit, cat or bird has a unique character. There’s humour too. Julia is an important and exciting textile artist, I’m thrilled to showcase her work as part of our sustainable design collection.

A small ornamental cat called Albert by Julia Laing, Materialised

I’ve discovered another lovely online magazine, which I thought you might be interested in. papier-mache is quite simply a very cute children’s magazine, packed full of loads of beautiful photography, new amazing products and fun things.

Please do forward this email to a friend if you think they might be interested in local sustainability and design. And I’d love to know that you think about these weekly updates. Too wordy? Perhaps not enough crafty news. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Have a great week. Thanks for reading.
Nicky x

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