Heavenly green summer

Welcome again to ReMade, our green Monday update, offering eco inspirations for a heavenly green summer.

Well, it’s finally here. Frugal Cool’s Eco Market opens this Friday (10.30am, Loretto Gallery Musselburgh). And I’m quietly confident that you’ll be impressed.

Local designers Julia Laing, Joanna Barry, Lynn Wilkins and Brigid McCarthy will give us a glimpse of their creative talent, everything is lovingly made by hand. Quality, talent, skill, sincerity and commitment to sustainable craft. It’s inspirational.

Green Gift Company, Yho! Yho! and Ethic Girls have risen to the Fairtrade challenge, finding contemporary products which are relevant to our local market. Remade fashion, homewares, jewellery, accessories and kids’ tees. Oh, how could I forget. Chocolate! I’m an active supporter of the Fairtrade movement, having seen founder Harriet Lamb at the Book Festival a couple of years ago. No system is perfect, but this just makes sense.

As you know, Frugal Cool works with designers who create sustainable craft. You may not know, however, that my own creative passion is home interiors. That’s why I’m secretly tickled that Trash Furnishings is exhibiting with us. And inevitably, that’s why cushions are BIG at Frugal Cool! In a quiet corner of the gallery, you’ll find our very own home collection, mixing French-style furnishings with bloomin’ artworks, retro accessories and a few vintage nick-nacks. I’ll also add in a few bits of beautiful jewellery and as promised, back-to-school essentials with an ethical twist. Oh, and Seedboms. Just because I think they’re great.

Sue Henderson, Laura Fleming, Ann Dickson, Liz Neilson, Claire Duffy, Karen Fiddler, Judith Crombie, Maggie Mowbray, Heather Potten and Catriona Atkin all live within a few miles of me, some are a just few steps away. I’m totally spoilt for choice and I hope you will be too.

The Edinburgh Fringe is now underway, and one of the few ethical events is Cafe Direct’s Container House, which arrives in the city next week. This “innovative pop-up eco-home” has been designed by Wayne Hemingway and daughter Tilly, and is a super-stylish way to get us to think about – and taste – Fairtrade coffee. If you happen to win the year’s supply of coffee on offer, remember to ask for decaffeinated too. I don’t drink anything else. Look for a bright orange box from 20 to 30 August, just off Potterrow (opposite Marshall Street).

Talking about Wayne Hemingway, he’s the guru behind Vintage at Goodwood this weekend. A celebration of five decades of British music and fashion, entry tickets start at £55. It’s a huge event, with nightclubs, movies, cars, catwalks, hairstyling, kids events and vintage everything. I’ve been listening to the previews on Radio 2, and it sounds like a lots of fun. By the way, the Affordable Vintage Fair returns to Edinburgh on 18 September before heading to Glasgow the following day.

Closer to home, Musselburgh on the Fringes starts this Friday too with a spooky storytelling walk. Done in a Day is an art competition takes place at Musselburgh Harbour on Sunday 15. It’s free to enter and there’s a top prize of £150.

Cloth Magazine offers “inspiring, practical and easy-to-follow advice on clothes making and homeware, embellishing and updating your existing wardrobe from sewing a button to creating a brand new look!” It’s actually rather good, and we’ll have the summer issue on sale (£3.50) at the Eco Market. Rio Magazine is Scotland’s first free magazine about craft. It’s in digital format this month, but the free print edition is normally available in cafes, cinemas and shops.

In the week that the US Government confirmed that damage caused by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico wasn’t as bad as had been feared, Greenpeace announced the winners of their BP rebranding competition. All the entries are still online, some entries are genuinely exceptional.

Mushroom doorstop by Claire Duffy, Cabin Jack Design

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