We’ve arrived … !

Cafetiere cosy by Emma Lawrence-Peattie. Remade from a vintage utility blanket.

Frugal Cool is now safely deposited into a little temporary shop in North High Street Musselburgh. It feels nice, not quite home yet but we’ll be ready for you all on Wednesday 8 September. I’ll be posting more photos of the transformation on Frugal Cool’s Flickr page later this week.

After a hectic summer, I’d like to have fun with this latest adventure, snappily entitled Frugal Cool’s Pop-Up Emporium of Sustainability and Design. Along with fabulous remade and local design, we’ll be showcasing a few clever eco products. You’ll get the gist by visiting our online shop, which is looking a bit sharper now, thanks to super photography by Catriona Atkin. Portobello beach was the sunny setting for Emma Lawrence-Peattie’s original collage. And where else to photograph Jacqui Bogan’s retro peg bags but on the washing line?

Don’t forget that most of our handmade designs can be made to order too. If you have a special fabric or colourway in mind, get in touch.

During the Eco Market and Summer Fête, lots of you were fascinated by Kabloom’s Seedboms. This photograph shows exactly how the flower grenade biodegrades and the seeds grow and grow. Seedbom is a fun, playful, innovative and ethical way to connect to nature. Like all the best ideas, it’s simple. We’re giving some to Campie School in Musselburgh, where the infants’ courtyard garden was vandalised last weekend. I think the P1s and P2s might like to chuck a grenade or two, and watch them burst into bloom next Spring.

I forgot to mention last time that we raised £45 for UNICEF at the Stash and Treasure Party. It’s on its way. Thank y’all!

We’re always looking for interesting ways to be “frugal with style”. Cindy Fuller’s 20 Ways to Stay Beautiful on the Cheap caught our attention, a refreshing alternative to be told to love our leftovers. Anyone who tells you that constant dieting is the enemy of looking good – and to laugh more – is a good person. And I guess we all need reminding that “starving yourself of essential nutrients makes your hair break down, your nails go brittle and your skin breakout. Think healthy eating, not dieting.”

We love a good car boot sale, and the monthly event at Newcraighall Park and Ride is really picking up pace. There must have been 50+ “booters” last Sunday, and amongst the inevitable Pokemon and pink plastic, there were a few gems. It’s weather dependent, and pop along early. From 9am, last Sunday of every month.

In his new book How Bad Are Bananas?, Mike Berners-Lee reveals the carbon footprint of everyday life. Imagine my surprise that one of his recommendations is to favour synthetic fibres over natural ones. He compares a pair of jeans and a pair of nylon trousers, calculating the CO2 equivalent impact of their manufacture, purchase and washing. In every measure, nylon simply has a smaller footprint. Cotton workers’ conditions or the effect of chemical toxins aren’t addressed here, and I think I would still choose fairly traded organic cotton over nylon any day. Maybe I’ll just have to be more careful to wash it at 30º and dry it on the line. Sustainable living is about finding balance, it’s just that more of us need to realise this quite soon.

You might like to know that we have a growing collection of sustainability publications, including magazines, books and films and I’m happy to lend them locally. Meantime, you might like to read Ethics Girls’ feature, Is Upcycling the New Rescue Remedy for What’s No Longer Wanted?

Painting Edinburgh Green is a weekend of events celebrating community action for a more sustainable Edinburgh. It takes place at Out of the Blue in Dalmeny Street, Leith on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 September. Alternatively, visit us on Sunday 26 in the stunning surroundings of Inveresk Garden Fair.

Frugal Cool’s diary is filling with lots of interesting events. If you can come, it would be lovely to see you.

Portobello Organic Fair – Brighton Park, Brighton Place – Saturday 4 September, 10am to 2pm
Start at St Andrews Square Edinburgh – Monday 6 September, 12 noon to 6pm
Frugal Cool’s Pop-Up Emporium of Sustainability+Design – 147 North High Street Musselburgh – Wednesday to Friday 9am to 3pm. Saturday 9am to 1pm
Inveresk Garden Fair – Inveresk Gardens – Sunday 29 September, times tbc

Thanks again for reading, and I hope to welcome you at 147 North High Street soon … did I say that we may only be there for six weeks? Meantime, see me in action (scroll down).

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