I hope it didn’t appear a bit desperate to invite friends and customers via our newsletter to visit me on my first day back at ReMade after the holidays … just because it was my birthday.

Let me tell you, it was one of the nicest birthdays ever.

As well as a steady stream of friends and colleagues, our youngest chica Katy stayed all day, filling my notebook with birthday drawings and playing crazy I-Spy. Together, we re-arranged  the shelves, and ate too much cake. The cards and presents – not expected – were largely handmade or homegrown.

It was my perfect day. There was lots of  spontaneous catching up with friends, back from holiday. New acquaintances were made. I talked over a new project, and we put to right politics and community development. I got a recipe and heard the local gossip.  There was a lot of laughter. We even sold a few things.

ReMade has to be a place for conversations as well as amazing creative inspirations. What’s the point otherwise? Austerity is officially banished, the coffee is real and there’s always an interesting conversation on the go.

ReMade Summer Opening Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm. And by appointment, at other times.

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