Painting furniture


I’m asked VERY regularly about how to paint old furniture. You’re probably aware by now that I don’t use chalk paint (head to Annie Sloan’s official YouTube channel for great tutorials).

When I’m painting, I often think about my mum. She did all the painting in our house (in Comiston, built in 1960 by Miller Homes) and was quite brave in her choice of colours. I think she got bored easily, and we’d often come home to a completely new look. Our doors were variously purple, turquoise and pink. Yes, it was the 1970s.

I reckon it was difficult to get a good finish on those flush-panelled doors, using ghastly gloss paint. Those drips, and that smell. Not nice.

I have it so easy, using fabulous paint that is creamy and dreamy. At the moment, I’m doing a commissioned piece, a full-length mirror (bought locally for £5, darn). I started by washing and sanding off any muck and polish, then primed it twice (whilst catching up with The Musketeers on the iPlayer). After leaving it overnight, I’ve sanded again, taking out a few rough edges – too much swashbuckling distraction, I guess. I know this client doesn’t like brush marks, so there’s a bit more work to do. Another couple of coats, a final sand, a little distressing and the wax.

I’m using Farrow and Ball White Tie, chosen by the client to match an existing mirror. It has just a little hint of cream. Very nice.

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