Carfree days


A couple of years ago, our reliable old Renault scraped an MOT only after lengthy repairs. Last year was not so bad, so we nursed it along for another year.

This week, I recycled it at our local scrapyard, receiving £60. And a lump in my throat – well, there were a lot of great memories.

For the first time in 20-odd years, we’re car free. It just feels like a leap of faith.

There will be no more spending on tax or petrol or tyres. We’ll get around fine as buses and trains are both nearby and frequent. We work from home anyway, our children walk to school and we can buy good food locally. My husband cycles. And we’re already planning our summer holiday by train.

Is it okay though to admit that I quite miss driving? I’ve already investigated the City Car Club – it’s car sharing so still a green option – for those just in case moments, and I’m checking out the best deal on hire cars. 


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