Midweek story

I came across this wonderful photograph on Facebook the other day. 1940s, do you think? They had simple recycling stations in the street. And we think we are smart …

I love this photo because it reminds me that Frugal Cool is part of an old and continuing culture. For me, our sustainable lifestyle isn’t really influenced by current trends or fashion. When I was growing up, Mum cooked proper meals every day, and there was always home-baking in the tins. She revamped furniture. School skirts were handmade at home. We knitted endlessly. And Dad never threw anything useful out, his garage was full of handy bits and pieces.

Last month, we decided to give up our ageing Renault to save money and reduce our carbon footprint further. So far so good, the train station is a 15 minute walk. And there’s a handy App for the bus service, I’ve hardly waited at the stop. Of course, I never have any loose change now.

Talking of online technology, now I’m working from home, the internet has been a lifeline. It provides me with place to gather inspiration and ideas. Since closing the shop, I’ve been able to keep in touch with customers and friends via social media, and many of them have continued to support me by buying online, and coming along to make a lampshade. I’m very grateful.

We’d love you to join our gang on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest. We talk mostly about local happenings, sustainability, crafts and fabulous home design. I’m building boards on Pinterest, my favourite so far is Inspiration. Today, I found these pouf knitting patterns via Facebook, and bought some Scandi-style fabric for lampshades. On Twitter, I learnt that tomorrow is World Book Day, and received an e-newsletter with brilliant design ideas to inspire kids to curl up with a good book. My next challenge is to understand Instagram but I’ll need to be handier and quicker with my iPhone.

There are three spaces left for Make a Drum Lampshade at The Dalriada workshop on 24 March. April is also booking fast. Did you know that we offer gift vouchers for workshops? If I can help, please get in touch.

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