Feeling good


Photograph: Edinburgh Festival of Magic


I’ve been thinking about self-esteem. There have been a few moments recently where – unusually for me – I’ve had that sinking feeling.

In my other job at Monsoon, I spend a lot of time in the fitting room, assisting and advising. So many women lack confidence, and few are content with their body shape. Legs, waist, bosom, bottom and upper arms are top targets for self-criticism and loathing. Most of them have a silhouette I would love, and they look pretty okay to me. So I persuade them to try something different. New patterns. A bright colour. A new style. They don’t always buy, and that’s fine.

Taking my own advice, I’ve kicked off the flats, and popped on some heels. Nothing precarious, just enough to feel taller. I’ve fallen in love with Spring colour and pattern, I’m even considering pink capri pants with matching sling-backs. We also picked wild garlic growing nearby and made pesto. It was fabulous btw. With no car now, I walk everywhere, hopping on a bus when necessary. With someone else driving, my thoughts can wander.

I want my teenage girls to feel confident in their self-image and, whilst we talk a lot about style and fashion, we also discuss feminism and the objectification of women. I found this video by Laci Green via Upworthy, which helped define the conversation. Let’s just say, it’s forthright.

Without a studio, and limited space at home, my own design projects are on hold (until I get a shed maybe). So during April, I’ll be welcoming old friends to the online shop, as well as showcasing new upcyclers and quirky re-designs. I’ll have more news about this next time. Get in touch if you’d like me to sell your work online.

I’ve also launched a new project called Upcycle/United to create local events celebrating creative reuse and upcycling. Our first event is next week. A Stash Swap in Musselburgh on 10 April. And you’re invited. Please do come, it’d be lovely to see you again. £1 from every ticket sold will be donated to Breast Cancer Care.

Meantime …

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