Pass it on

clothes_swapThis March marks the launch of a new national awareness campaign by Zero Waste Scotland encouraging us to Pass It On. Activities promoting re-use will take place around Scotland in a week of local and national events (7-15 March). Clothes, furniture and bicycles will be swapped, repaired and upcycled and much more. Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland said: “This week of activity is all about showing the amazing variety of ways there are to ensure your stuff goes on to have another life with a new owner. ” Glasgow’s St Enoch Centre – ironically, the largest shopping mall in Scotland and home to around 80 shops and fast-food cafes – will host a weekend of swap shops, a vintage and re-used fashion show, upcycling and repair workshops and a re-use marketplace on 7 and 8 March. In the capital, Edinburgh Tool Library will open the doors of its police box on Leith Walk for the first time on Saturday 7 March, offering a low-cost method for borrowing tools, and providing expert advice, practical workshops and employment to young trainees. Individuals are encouraged to buy something second hand, rent rather than buy and use the hashtag #passiton on Twitter.